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Empowering communities to envision and cultivate a greener future through shared mapping

Personal Project

Build a social mapping platform that enables users to map assets, ideas, and unmet needs for everyday sustainability

So far, the mainstream approach to sustainability is to make existing large-scale industrial systems “green.” While these are essential changes, most people are not equipped to make systemic sustainability impact, and experience climate change at much smaller scales. Plot aims to provide communities with a tool for self-empowering steps to regenerate the everyday human environment and mitigate climate impact in their own backyard through urban flora—the trees, gardens, and ground cover that support biodiversity in the city, and the fresh air, backyard abundance, and sense of belonging that plants and green spaces provide.  

With Plot users can share resources (like garden supplies or seeds for native foods), broadcast ideas to municipal planners (evergreens on the boulevard), or launch entirely new projects (street orchards or neighborhood aviary), connect with collaborators, and raise funds for small-scale interventions which help change how we think about and plan larger urban infrastructure.

A live, workable prototype app is currently undergoing some heavy maintenance after resting for a few years 🙃️