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An ongoing map of everyday life

Personal Project

While maps are integrated into the most popular social media apps, there is no mainstream place-based social network that exhibits Metcalfe or Reed traits. 

First conceived in 2012 but inspired by a map I made as a teenager in Rome marking every street I walked in highlighter, Lifemap is designed to trace each day and document the moments that make everyday life worth remembering so they can be shared with recollected. Lifemap is a mapping complement to the journals, diaries, and photographic repositories that we’ve kept through milennia and continue to build on our devices today.

Lifemap leverages continuous GPS plotting, already a common feature of certain lifestyle services, to turn tracking into relational mapping. Each day Lifemap documents a user’s geospatial acitivity and invites them to add information and content that captures the highlights of each day—a photo of a stunning sunrise, lunch with an old friend, or the results of a workout. By interrelating maps between users, and archiving favorite places and experiences, Lifemap builds a reciprocal social network around shared stories and collective geography.  

I built mid-fidelity UX/UI comps in Figma using Google Material (shown here) to demonstrate overall product design, key interactions, and MVP features

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