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Expanding economic opportunity to Detroit residents through innovative urbanism

with Social Agency Lab / Alexandra Miller & Jeff Goodman
Canopy Detroit creates shared success for Detroit's neighborhood businesses and its growing downtown. On the ground floor, an inviting marketplace showcases successful restaurants, manufacturers, and artisans from Detroit's neighborhoods, and combines this marketplace with strategically located national retail options to attract a continuous flow of customers.
A dedicated market management and business development team works to attract local businesses and support their downtown expansion and growth with advice and resources. The marketplace provides low-risk, built-out spaces where these businesses can test the downtown market and ultimately expand to operate stores downtown or in other neighborhoods—providing a cycle of benefits that continues when a new business fills in their market stall.
1/ Balanced Uses
Canopy Detroit mixes a ground-floor market that showcases local businesses with national retail attractions, a hotel, and 476 apartments.

2/ Retail Opportunity
Canopy Detroit supports local business growth and expansion with targeted outreach and resources, and attracts national retail development.
3/ Day and Night
Programming keeps Canopy Detroit active from early-morning commuter hours through late-night dining and entertainment hours.

4/ Shared Success
Canopy Detroit helps retail businesses from Detroit succeed in a low-risk downtown environment, then expand further into downtown or other neighborhoods.