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Patrick Stowe Jones

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IA Collaborative
Principal Experience Designer & Architecture Lead
IA Collaborative is a global design and innovation consultancy. We use ethnographic research and design thinking to create products, services, and experiences that solve human challenges and create value.

I contribute across our portfolio as a polydisciplinary designer and strategist, with key roles in interaction and environments design. I lead IA Collaborative's architectural and human environments group (AXD), which integrates design thinking and architecture to innovate user-centered experiences that define the future of the built world. With global clients, we focus on urban futures, typology innovation, and interactive environmental experiences. I bring spatial ethnography perspectives to client work, and drive AXD business development.

Projects range from designing an alternative to doorstep parcel delivery, digital tools for againg in place, enterprise scale design language for digital channels, urban futures strategy in Mumbai, and the Kelvin Roaster— my successful pitch for IA's first ventures project.

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The Blue House
New Orleans
A shared workspace of designers, writers, researchers, artists, activists, filmmakers, coders, teachers, entrepreneurs, developers, and others. The Blue House hosts programming such as weekly public talks, artist shows, and community dinners, that connect the work of members to broader challenges in New Orleans like water resiliency, social justice, and civic engagement.

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Co-Founder, Product Designer
Plot is an urban innovation platform to map ideas for place-based change and connect organizations to their members to take action. As the primary strategist and interface designer, I oversee product and web development, with additional roles in partnership outreach, community engagement, business strategy, and brand. Plot dropped me head first into full stack app development. The new platform is currently in development, but here is an unadorned works-like prototype: Plot

It’s complicated

Louisiana State University, School of Architecture
Lecturer in Architecture
a. Architecture 4002: 4th-Year undergraduate design, "Steady State." Architecture and urban strategy studio in Detroit researched urban context of architecture to design resilient typologies for the abandoned waterfront.
b. Architecture 7003: 2nd-Year graduate design, "A Continuity of Fragments." Architecture studio contemporized Benton Mackaye’s social vision for interpretive camps along the Appalachian Trail.
c. Architecture 4032: Advanced Architectural Technology. Graduate seminar explored material and building culture as part of larger systems of history, information, behavior, and economics beginning with Heidegger and ending with AI.

University of Michigan, Taubman College
Lecturer in Architecture
a. Architecture 322: Undergraduate design, "In Paradisum." Architecture studio explored the transgressive appropriation of residual space through skate culture to introduce students to large scale landscape and urban contexts for architectural design.
b. Architecture 316: Design Fundamentals. Introduction to architectural theory for undergraduate and graduate students.
c. Architecture 317: Construction I. Undergraduate lab introduces students to tectonic thought and the culture of building.
d. Architecture 302: Introduction to Design. Summer requisite for incoming transfer students = 3D thinking and drawing boot camp.
Design Practice

Point/Plot synthesized my diverse interests and capabilities as a designer within an independent practice.
Point leveraged my capability as an architect for spatial design thinking to undertake interaction, UX/UI, and visual strategy projects. Plot connected complementary, multidisciplinary design methods to research the human environment for place-based innovation. My portfolio shows select work completed between 2013-2015.

Office of Jonathan Tate
New Orleans
Design studies and documentation for the Joan Mitchelle Center, and production design for office research publications.

Architectural Designer
New Orleans
Projects include institutional, educational, and performance. Project Designer for the Jazz & Heritage Center (10,000 SF), a jazz school and performance hall. Project Designer for ticketing building at New Orleans Arena )(2,000 SF). Additional projects include historic rehabilitation, health care, housing, and visualization. Directed firm lecture series.

Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects
Architectural Designer
Completed original design, development, detailing, model building and CNC prototyping for the Pausch Memorial Footbridge at the Gates Center for Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University (2009). Compiled project presentations, produced renderings, edited detail drawings.
Additional Experience

Ripple Effect
Co-Director of Curriculum
Ripple Effect prepares New Orleans' youngest citizens to be environmental leaders by redefining environmental education through place-based teaching, learning, research, and design. As co-director of curriculum, I collaborated with teachers to develop project-based lesson plans that use design thinking to teach students about water issues in New Orleans while meeting state science standards. rippleeffectnola.com

Social Agency Lab
An urban ideas collaborative, SAL undertakes competitions and projects to propose urban spaces based on strong social relationships, beginning with participation in the research and design process.

New World Design
Director of Rural Development
Serving a humanitarian aid fund in Iraq just after school, I collaborated on projects for inter-modal logistics facility, rural public health, small-scale agriculture, and low-income housing, and was project manager for the Kut Agricultural Co-Op.

HERO (Hale Empowerment & Revitalization Organization)
Construction Manager
Greensboro, Alabama
Managed and facilitated the work activities of 10 AmeriCorps NCCC volunteers on rehabilitation of the Emory Rosenwald School, a federally listed 1917 African-American schoolhouse. Mediated building progress goals and contractor relations in a tight economy with limited local skilled labor. Constantly improvised and adapted to changing circumstances and few resources.
Thought Leadership

The Body of the Screen
Interaction, user experience, and interface designers love showing screens in axonometric projection (in “perspective”). But why? Read it on Medium.

Chicago Ideas Week
Lab: The Future of Place
Workshop with 50+ participants. "The way we think about designing places and spaces is changing, going far beyond bricks and mortar to build experiences that anticipate future human behavior. In this Lab, attendees will explore tensions between the built environment and rapidly shifting consumer expectations: tensions between cars and mobility; hospitals and health; homes and living; and cities and communities. You'll learn the design and innovation process firsthand as you imagine and create new experiences that could revolutionize how we think about architecture and buildings, and impact the way we live for generations to come."

XPRIZE for Housing
Global SME
Member of a select group of SME and thought leaders to advise the XPRIZE Foundation on the development of the XPRIZE for Housing. Prize launch is anticipated for 2018.

The Wilderness of Ordinary Places
PLAT Journal
A look at unplaces through the lens of the camera and Heidegger's phenomenological ontology. Read it here.

Mass Rarity
Mass rarity is the effect of widely-accessible craft and bespoke experiences that feel unique, appealing to high design, personalization, and a concern for cultural substance. Read it on Medium.