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Building a global product design system for the world’s most innovative logistics company

IA Collaborative 
Senior Interaction Designer

Build a digital design system from the ground up to standardize UX components and information architecture across the enterprise.

Though recognized as an innovator in logistics operations, FedEx was slow to build customer- focused digital tools at a time when mobile offerings were already the market standard. After an exhaustive audit of existing design elements across web properties, our team identified key components and patterns to frame out the design system (1FX). Building out the library and codifying design guidelines, we put 1FX to test first through mockups of mobile, web, tablet, and kiosk screens around prioritized use cases, followed by a full redesign of fedex.com deploying 1FX assets and, in 2017, the launch of FedEx’s first mobile app.

  • Unified digital experience deployed across channels at 20 FedEx business units to support (2016 figures):
         8.2B page views from 852M unique users
         405M shipping labels created
         1.56B tracking queries
  • 67% increase in self-solve engagement (app)
  • Unlocked new loyalty driver and customer engagement channel
  • 4.7 ⭐ rating of FedEx app for iOS and Android
  • Standardized information architecture enabled engineers to reduce feature backlog